26 11 2010



11 07 2010

Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!<a href="Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!“>


22 07 2009

hey everyone. its me ps2dude87, and Im having a party on cp



13 07 2009

Hey so the contest says about a good CPMV so here is one 😀 (Its my first time with sony vegas 😆


24 06 2009

Ok. As you know cpmv’s are clubpenguin music videos. Well I was thinking what if all the authors here work together to make the best cpmv. And some people that aren’t authors but are good friends of the authors can work on it to.

So comment on this post if you think the idea should happen

Superheroes to the next level

1 06 2009

Hey guys its me Viva! I know I said I quited CP but only the game I dont quit the blog or making vidz 😆

I noticed many people ask me to be on the “Superheroes list” So what about if that list become a page??? Heres a poll about to ask Nachoz to become a page on NBP

ps2dude87’s soccer contest

17 05 2009

Hey guys, it’s ps2dude87 I just want to ask you to check out my new vid featuring my soccer contest